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Some news about the website to connect with foreign young researchers

Redoc’s project to connect foreign young researchers when they arrive in France with members who can guide them is soon going to get real: a team of students at IUT de Marne-la-Vallée has chosen to work on this project during the whole year.

« Hello everybody!

We’re Emeline, Nicolas, Niveda, Shouma and Yannis and we are in our last year of preparation for a university degree (DUT) in computer science.

We are glad to announce that we’re going to prepare a website in order to improve the welcoming of foreign researchers by the Redoc association. With this project, we want to support researchers who come from all around the world allowing them to have a guide. This guide will welcome and help them from their arrival and throughout their stay in France. Moreover, this system will give to the guide the opportunity to discover the country of his or her guest.

Discovering a new language, a different culture, or a new way of life: all of this will be part of the project!

Passionate about the web 2.0 technologies, our team will do everything possible to answer in the best way the expectations of the future users.« 

Would you like to participate in the experimentation before we launch the website? To register as a guide for foreign PhD candidates, or to seek for the help of some Redoc members to guide you if you’re a young researcher already arrived at Université Paris-Est, send an email to parrainage<AT>redoc-paris-est.fr.


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