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Doctorales de l’ASRDLF 2015, registration until November, 30!

The 3rd edition of the Doctorales de l’ASRDLF is coming soon! This year, six laboratories (ACP, DEST, Lab’URBA, LATTS, SPLOTT, LVMT) and three Doctoral Schools (OMI, VTT, CS) of the University Paris-Est stepped out to organize the event. Doctorales 2015 will take place from the 2nd to 4th of February 2015 on the Campus de … Lire la suite

Redoc General Assembly of October 14th, 2014

En français ici… On Tuesday, October 14th at 8PM, Redoc will have its General Assembly at Labo13. The current steering committee will be replaced by a new team. Would you like to join Redoc’s board of directors or steering committee? Don’t hesitate to contact us (bureau@redoc-paris-est.fr), and in any case, come and join us on … Lire la suite

Results of the poll about advice for first-year PhD candidates

In November 2013, Redoc asked its members for some advice for first-year PhD students. Here is what they said. « Read, read, read » The first thing to do at the beginning of the PhD is to work on the state of the art by reading the bibliography of the PhD topic. « Read, read, read, » as a … Lire la suite

Some news about the website to connect with foreign young researchers

Redoc’s project to connect foreign young researchers when they arrive in France with members who can guide them is soon going to get real: a team of students at IUT de Marne-la-Vallée has chosen to work on this project during the whole year. « Hello everybody! We’re Emeline, Nicolas, Niveda, Shouma and Yannis and we are in our … Lire la suite

Brainstorming about the « ambassador project » to welcome foreign researchers in Paris-Est

To promote exchanges between foreign researchers and young researchers already in Paris-Est, Redoc is working on a project where PhD candidates in Paris-Est would welcome foreign researchers when they arrive in France, guide them when necessary (especially if they don’t speak French), and share about their research experience. This project, supported by the Acc&ss Paris-Est … Lire la suite

Foreign PhD Candidates

Welcome to the English section of Redoc’s website! Here you will find a selection of our articles in English: practical information, tips, articles concerning foreign PhD candidates… Who are we? Redoc is the network of PhD candidates and PhDs of the University of Paris-Est. It is an association that aims to bring together PhD students … Lire la suite

Culture and social life

If you work at Université Paris-Est, you probably live in Paris or nearby. You have access to the most active city of France, in terms of cultural life (see for example a list of current or upcoming cultural events in Paris on http://agenda.paris.fr)! So you should really take every oportunity to enjoy it! Visiting Paris The … Lire la suite


Finding housing in Paris or around may be quite difficult. Redoc gives you some advice to help you with that! First, you should know the conditions to rent an apartment in France. And especially something which is often a problem for foreigners: most of the time, you’re supposed to have a guarantor (« garant » in French) who … Lire la suite

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