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Welcome to the English version of the Redoc website ! Redoc Paris-Est is an association of young researchers (PhD candidates and PhDs) of Université Paris-Est. Our goal is to improve communication between young researchers by organizing friendly meetings, and to give them useful information about the PhD or about their future career, etc.

To facilitate the arrival in Paris-Est University of young foreign researchers, we have decided to publish some information in English. Need more info? Want to share your experiences with other young researchers? Please contact us !

Flyer Access Paris-Est

And in any case, don’t forget that there is an Euraxess service center for you: Acc&ss Paris-Est, located on the campuses of Créteil and Noisy-Champs. It provides administrative help, practical information, help with finding accomodation, French language courses, as well as culture and leisure activities! See their flyer or their website for more information

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